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openEHR Toolkit

Your openEHR resources and useful tools in one place. Modern, Fast, Simple.

Great news!

We finished the beta program with more than 150 active users. We heard all the feedback, suggestions and feature requests, now we are ready to move into the next phase.

You will notice many changes, for instance we adjusted the subscription plans to support teams, increased the amount of resources each plan tier can manage, added more features like team management and account management, and fixed a lot of bugs. There is also an entry level plan which is free forever and has access to all the tools.

We added more tools and we plan to add more in the future. The immediate next phase will be to complete the REST API to allow you to integrate the openEHR Toolkit with your apps. The API will also help to integrate the Toolkit with our EHRServer and Atomik systems.

We hope you enjoy this evolution of the Toolkit and with your support we can grow together to help more openEHR students and professionals.

How this works?

You can use all the tools for free just by creating an account.

If you find the openEHR Toolkit useful, and you need more storage or need to share work within a team, you can subscribe to one of our paid plans.

In any case paid plans allow us to handle server costs and allow us to allocate time to develop an integrate more tools into the Toolkit. You contribution is very welcome!