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openEHR Toolkit

Manage your openEHR resources and access useful tools. Fast, simple, centralized.

Instance Generators

Automatic clinical document generation based on openEHR Templates in XML and JSON formats.

Template Dependencies

Display internal archetype dependencies of your openEHR templates.

Template Validation

Verify an openEHR template is well formed, and displays errors to help you fix it.

Store openEHR artifacts subscription required

Store openEHR archetypes and templates, access to advanced tools.

API access subscription required

Simple API to access your openEHR artifacts and generated resources from external apps.

ADL 2 CSV subscription required

Generate spreadsheets from archetypes for data analysis and data mapping.

Form Generator

Generate HTML forms from openEHR Templates.

Document Viewer

Transform openEHR Clinical Documents in XML to a human-friendly HTML view.

Document Validation

Verify openEHR clinical documents are well formed, and display errors to help you fix it.

Store generated resources subscription required

Store clinical documents and forms generated from openEHR templates.

Compare subscription required

Compare different versions of the same archetypes or templates, spot the differences to help you manage versions.

Download resourcessubscription required

Download generated documents and forms.