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openEHR Toolkit

Your openEHR resources and useful tools in one place. Modern, Fast, Simple.



  • All tools
  • Storage: 75 archetypes, 20 templates, 200 objects
  • Community support
  • Individual account


$5.0 / mo

  • All tools
  • Storage: 150 archetypes, 50 templates, 500 objects
  • Priority email support
  • Team members: up to 3
  • REST API (soon)


$9.0 / mo

  • All tools
  • Storage: 300 archetypes, 150 templates, 2000 objects
  • Priority email support
  • Team members: up to 15
  • REST API (soon)
If you need a custom plan, please contact us.

Other installation options

The plans offered above are focused on a Software as a Service (SaaS) provision based on cloud subscriptions. We offer other installation options which are better for organizations that want to offer services for third parties, like specific projects from software vendors, e-health programs, multi-organizational projects, regional and nationwide projects.

Hosted Solution

The Hosted option is an openEHR Toolkit instance installed on a Cloud server managed by CaboLabs in behalf of the customer, for exclusive use of the customer. It includes custom domain configuration, SSL certificates, and security audits.

This option is billed based on the number of users and managed assets on a yearly basis.

Installed On-premise

The Installed option is an openEHR Toolkit instance, licensed for customers to install and manage in their own servers.

This option is billed based on a License Agreement.

Both options include support services. We also offer custom branding (white-labeling), custom development to add / modify tools and add features for the specific needs of the customer, like integration with third party applications and APIs.

Questions? Get in touch.


For TEAMS and COMPANIES plans you can contact us directly by email at or by using the contact form. For FREE plans, you can use our community forum.

The billing cycle is monthly. You will receive a bill of your last month's usage on the first days of the current month. If your account was created in the middle of the month, for that month you will be charged only for the days you used your services.

If you change your plan in the middle of the month, at the end of the month you will be charged prorating the usage of the previous plan and the new plan, considering the days each plan was active. So the bill will look like this: total = days_plan_x * daily_cost_plan_x + days_plan_y * daily_cost_plan_y.

Each account maintains a balance, which is the money you assigned to your account. You can assign funds to your account when you subscribe, or you can make a payment later to increase your balance. When the next billing cycle ends, we will charge last month's usage from your balance, generating a payment transaction, and you will receive a bill with the details of such transaction. If your account balance runs out or is running low, in the email with the bill you will be noticed about that, then you should increase the balance of your account before the next billing cycle ends.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Though we will be sorry to see you go, no questions will be asked. If you need an export of your resources, you can ask for that when you request to cancel your subscription. If your account has balance at the moment you request the cancellation, we will transfer you the rest of the money left (consider this might have a transaction fee that will be subtracted from that amount left).

After three consecutive notifications of the impossibility to charge your monthly usage from your account, if you don't add balance to your account, the account will be suspended and you will be notified. If there is no response to this notification, the account and associated resources will be deleted. This is to prevent maintaining ghost accounts in the system for people that is no really using it.

We use PayPal buttons to integrate online payments via PayPal balance or credit/debit card. Though if you want to pay by a bank transfer, you just need to contact us so we can give you the bank account details. The bank transfer option might take more time. Another payment option is to send money via MoneyGram or Western Union, if you want to use these services, also contact us so we can give you the details you need for making the transfer.