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openEHR Toolkit

Your openEHR resources and useful tools in one place. Modern, Fast, Simple.

Welcome to the coolest openEHR party in the cloud! 🎉

The openEHR Toolkit is your base of operations when working with openEHR archetypes, templates, data instances and forms.

At CaboLabs we believe that learning and working with openEHR should be fun and seamless, so we built the openEHR Toolkit using our 17+ years of experience of working with openEHR into a single application everyone can use.

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  • Archetype management
  • Template management
  • Data generator
  • Form generator
  • Template dependencies
  • API
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Compliance verification

The data generators allowed us to verify compliance with openEHR on our storage solution. It helped detect many areas in which we were not doing it right. It was crucial to close the gap between spec and implementation.

Model management

The Toolkit helped us sharing our models with colleagues while designing our clinical data infostructure with openEHR. Just to have one place when we know all our models are there and that the models are validated once uploaded, makes our work simpler.

Visual validation

Even though the form generator is very simple, it helped me showing clinicians how our openEHR data models would look like in the EMR. That validation helped us to improve our openEHR data models and reduced the release cycle.

Test data sets

I was testing an openEHR CDR before our first release. It wouldn't have been possible to create such a comprehensive test data set without the openEHR Toolkit. CaboLabs' team nailed it!

Amazing set of tools

From openEHR archetype and template management, to data generators and visualizations, the openEHR Toolkit simplifies everyday work with openEHR. I have a subscription to support this and hope you guys add more tools!