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openEHR Toolkit

Your openEHR resources and useful tools in one place. Modern, Fast, Simple.

Data Generators

Generate and store clinical documents from openEHR Templates in XML and JSON formats. These documents contain randomly generated data, which is useful to test your openEHR Clinical Data Repository.

Template Dependencies

Displays a tree with the structure defined by all the openEHR archetypes referenced by an operational template.

Template Validation

Verifies an openEHR template is well formed, and displays errors to help you fix it.

Store openEHR artifacts

Use the openEHR Toolkit to store your openEHR archetypes (ADL) and operational templates (XML).

REST API access

Access your openEHR artifacts and generated resources from external apps using the openEHR Toolkit REST API.



Generates a CSV file from an openEHR archetype, including all paths and RM classes. This is very useful for data analysis, data mapping and archetype comparison. CSV files can be opened by any spreadsheet editor.

Form Generator

Generates a basic HTML form from your openEHR templates.

Document Viewer

Transform openEHR Clinical Documents in XML to a human-friendly HTML view.

Document Validation Schema

Verifies your openEHR clinical documents are well formed, and displays errors to help you fix them.

Document Validation OPT

Verifies your openEHR clinical documents comply with the constraints defined by the corresponding operational template and displays errors found.


Compare different versions of the same archetypes or templates, spot the differences to help you manage revisions and versions.


Download resources

Download archetypes, templates, generated documents, CSVs, forms, etc.

Automated Atomik Testing

Execute automated data flows on our openEHR CDRs using your templates and generated resources. This is very useful for general purpose testing, load testing, setting up and environment for a showcase.